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Heat = Migraine

This is a ‘complaining’ post. Where else could I do this but on my blog? I think I’ve been kinda lax in my posting frequencies. No matter how much I want to update my blogs I just really don’t feel up to it.. I’d much rather think about myself first, relax and I know eventually I’d be able to get back to my usual schedule.

One thing that holds me back from doing much work is the scorching heat here in Cambodia. It’s hot and while before I could still go out and take a walk at 9 am now, I just can’t otherwise I’ll be struggling with migraine again. Unluckily for me, I have a severe migraine which always comes knocking when I’m stressed, having PMS or when its really really hot. Years of having this affliction thankfully have helped me learn how to manage it.

So since the summer heat is nowhere near abating, I usually refrain from going out. I stay indoors most of the time. Staying indoors should really make me more productive when it comes to blogging but the opposite works for me. When I am always cooped up inside the house, I am always uninspired. I’d much rather do house cleaning or watch a movie or cook than blog. But when I go on little trips outside, I observe a lot of things which in turn inspires me to write.

Sigh. I hope the heat eases up a little in the next few days. I’m already frustrated…

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