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Heart This: Wall Candies!

I’m in love! Seriously!! With these wall decals from WallCandyArts. I was looking for some wall decor ideas for kids when I saw this. The name wall candy is spot on!

I love wall decals, its an easy, DIY, way to decorate and make your staid walls come alive. Hubby and I are planning to construct a house extension mid 2012 and for the past few days I’ve been crazily plotting the floor plans with Google Sketchup and now I’m busy dreaming up schemes of how to decorate the ‘additional rooms’ on a tight budget.

The new rooms would mainly be our daughter’s room and a home office. Right now I’m fixated on the kiddos room, and I’m kinda liking the looks of these wall decals. I’m posting this coz it might work well for you too, they are great for nurseries, playrooms etc.

Cupcake Chalkboard Wall Decal – cute and since its a chalkboard decal, then it’ll satisfy the kiddo’s penchant for doodling.

Cupcake Wall Decal - Chalkboard Wall Stickers

Smarts Bees & Trees nursery decoration – designed to enhance newborn & infants’ gross motor skill & eye sight development. It’s a little late for me to decorate my daughter’s room with this, but this will be on my bookmarks you know just in case the stork delivers a brand new bundle of joy sometime in the next few years..

Smarts® Bees & Trees - Nursery Decoration

Baby elephant chalkboard

Elephant Chalkboard

Forest animal wall decals – love this!

Forest Animal Wall Decals - Nursery Decor

My Sunshine – decor for kids room

Sun Wall Decal - Decor for kids room

Sweet Dreams Fairies wall decals

Sweet Dreams Fairies - Wall Decals

Flowers Wall Decals

Flower Wall Stickers - Blossoms

Deerly Beloved wall decor

Deer Wall Decals - Kids Room Decor

Flutterflies removable wall decals

Butterfly Wall Decals - Children's Wall Decal

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