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Happy Doodles by Kiddo

It’s been awhile since I have last posted my kiddo’s doodles here. Mainly because lately she has been preoccupied with writing short stories and she also just doodles on the PC using my bamboo graphic tablet. And she keeps her drawings private Lol. It’s password protected.

A few days ago though, she asked me to buy her a couple of unlined notebooks and I did. It was an easy guess that she wanted to write and draw.

And I was right. I didn’t have to wait long till she presented me with these:

Kids Doodles / Drawings

Lately she has been doodling a lot about happiness, love, cute characters, kittens, frogs, beetles. She’s amazingly fond of animals. And while most kids would go first to Cartoon Network when watching TV, she goes first to Animal Planet. And perhaps that is where she gets inspired to draw cute animals.

Kids Doodles

I’m encouraging her to express herself but I’m trying to be careful too coz I don’t to put any pressure on her. Lest it take out the joy of drawing out of her.

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