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Happiness Comes with Age?

I was just reading this interesting article in Yahoo and it says that according to a study – Happiness Comes with Age. Interesting right? The article goes on to mention that life looks a little rosier after 50 and that “older people in their mid- to late-50s are generally happier, and experience less stress and worry than young adults in their 20s, the researchers say.”
Now that is something to look forward to..Though I’m happy right now. Not ecstatically happy, just contented, happily watching my daughter grow up and looking forward to the next day. I can’t actually imagine feeling happier than how I am right now, but if more happiness comes, of course, it’s more than welcome. I could use an unlimited supply of happiness if you ask me. I think happiness is really how you feel and think about things. It really depends much on you. Your outlook, your perceptions etc etc. 
Some people may feel happy when they have tons of money, others feel happy when they give to others, some being with persons they love means happiness. We all have different ways of being happy, and does age really matter? Perhaps, we have different ways of being happy at different age and I could well understand being more happy when I’m in my 50’s.. After all, with older age, comes greater wisdom and experience to appreciate life and its trifles. 
From time to time, I actually imagine myself in my 60’s and how and what would I be doing. Would I still be blogging. Probably. Would I have grandkids by that time? I’ll probably be spoiling them a lot. I would be having regular salon treatments of course. Will vacation regularly. I’ll be spending my late afternoons sitting on a breezy veranda on a rocking chair reading a crafting magazine or crocheting..And making calls to my kids and bugging them about something just for fun. One thing I’m pretty sure of, when I’m old I won’t perm my hair nor would I wear ‘losyang’ clothes.
How about you? How do you imagine yourselves to be at old age? Would you be happy? Regretful?

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