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Had A Happy Weekend

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I had a pretty laid back week and weekend. It was indeed a welcome respite after the whirlwind of activities we had last week. I actually had a little time to do some blogging since one of my current website projects hit a snag. So instead of wasting my time waiting for the ‘glitch’ to right itself, I did my fair share of updating my own personal blogs.

I was kinda lonely though coz for the whole week, hubby was traveling to NY and Washington and we rarely had time to catch up except for short emails updating us where and what he is doing. Thankfully, he’s now back to Indiana and we got the chance to talk late last night when he arrived.

I had a big laugh though coz, maybe hubby is feeling a little guilty about leaving us for a couple of months and he emailed me if I wanted to shop for some clothes and some girlie goodies. Who am I to refuse that hehe? He said, do your browsing then, then just pick anything you want and he gave me his Visa number. Lol! I think he should go somewhere more often then. Anyway, I got myself some dresses from Overstock.com as well as some pants, cardigans and some intimates from Target. Of course, I didn’t wanna push my luck so I shopped on these sites coz they are cheaper hehe..

And oh, I wrote last time I was in a dilemma about which video game console to buy for Chinks. Well, I’ve finally decided on a Nintendo Wii. I totally heart the kinetic XBox 360 but it was a tad too pricey for me. I was so happy to see the limited edition red Nintendo Wii on Amazon but to my dismay its all back ordered. I don’t wanna wait for that since hubby is flying back mid December so we’ll just settle for a Nintendo Wii White bundled with Wii Resort and Sports game.

Now, after a happy weekend, I’m bracing myself for a another week that I’m pretty sure would be like a whirlwind again..

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