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Graphic Design Resource: Font Squirrel

Here’s another one to add to my list of favorite design resources. I love free design resources and you can see I have a blog category here called Scrapbooking Resources where I feature design resources, freebie sites, font sites and so on.

Whenever I have some free time, I am usually on the prowl for design inspirations and resources. So while others perhaps find joy in browsing other stuff, I am usually on a creative site hunt.

Anyhow, one of my favorite places for font resources is Font Squirrel.

It’s a free font repository, you can download lots of fonts there. While their selections are not as extensive as big font sites, I love how clean, structures and easily navigated the site is. They also make it doubly easier for web designer to make use of the fonts with their Font Face Generators. Also, their fonts are 100% free for commercial use.

Retro Fonts at Font Squirrel

Comic Fonts at Font Squirrel

They have an awesome collection of comic and retro fonts, which are really great if you are making scrapbook pages. Check them out.

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