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I did promise myself I won’t shop for clothes anymore. At least in the next few months. I’ve got plenty already (for now, hahaha) and I don’t have space in my closet anymore. But right now I have to go and shop…for my daughter’s wardrobe that is.

She is growing really fast and although I’ve been buying her mostly stretchy leggings and loose maman-like shirts and dresses, she looks now like she’s bursting. Lol. She’a bit difficult to dress coz she has a very good idea of how she want to look like Meaning, she doesn’t like to tight-fitting and structured clothes. Clothes that looks really starch-ironed are a no-no for her. It has to be cotton and soft. Otherwise, she’d be really uncomfortable.

So now I have to go and practice that thrift and fashion savvy mom sense I’ve managed to acquire and buy her stuff that she can be comfortable in and something that is not too expensive either knowing that she’ll outgrow it in a year or two. Wish me lots of luck!

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