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I’ll be running a giveaway on my other blog – GirlonaThriftHunt this May. And where else could I get the prizes for giveaway but from my favorite personalized gifts online shop – Artscow. I still have a lot of freebies on my Artscow account and also since I make kits for them I earn cash and the cash I usually don’t withdraw but instead I use it for making my personalized items.

The goodies in store for the giveaway winners? 1 Large canvass bag {just perfect for shopping! my brother commented even his humongous shoes would fit in there..}, 1 matching coin purse, 1 throw pillow case, 1 round mousepad {love this!!!!} and 2 heart fridge magnets.

And what I love most about this? These items would normally cost about $40 but since I have some credits-discounts-coupons, I just paid like $4 for it! I am one very picky and thrifty shopper, so I really think this is a great buy. Watch out for the giveaway announcement on my other blog soon..

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