Crochet Project - Scarf Necklace

Got My Crocheting Groove Back!

It’s  been so long since I took out my crochet craft box and actually held a crochet hook and started a project. You see, I lack the time and perhaps the commitment to finish a crocheting project so I put the box on the shelf and forgot about it. I got into blogging more and more and doing graphic design work on the side.

But to be really honest, I miss crocheting. I’m envious of those who can finish even the simplest crochet pattern. So a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanna get back into crocheting. And this time I’m picking the simplest patterns and projects so at least I won’t get discouraged and make it to my finish goal.

I’m obsessing much on this scarf necklaces and so that’s what I decided to make. It just entails the simplest of crochet stitches and in no time I got one finished. And now I’m on my second scarf necklace in purple. It’s almost done!!

Crocheting Scarf Necklace

My next project is all lined up – I wanna make a simple belt. So, I’m a really happy crafter right now..I’m also planning to make crocheted appliques, take photos of them, extract them and make them into scrapbooking elements. Soon.

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