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Got Some Cardigan Love

I love cardigans. Those light, not too bulky ones. They are one of my fashion staples coz they are so versatile.

It took me a few days of seesawing between buying and not buying because of my no shopping rule for these past three months. But I did check my closet and I found it wanting. I will also be traveling soon so I need some light cardigans to go with my basic tees and jeans. .

Since I wanted to spend less, I didn’t visit the regular shops and boutiques. I went to Russian Market (Tuol Tompong Market in Phnom Penh) and raided the factory run shops. And what a treasure trove. I got 3 cardigans (two of them of the brand Zara heehaw!) and guess how much? $4 each. A super steal. All of them very good quality, with maybe a thread or two out of place but still looked nothing different from the ones that passed quality control. And its not like I’m gonna use it with microscope, noh?

Russian Market Buys

Got 2 round neck with 3/4 sleeves, button down cardi and another dark blue with a really gorgeous draping. ┬áSo, I’m a really happy shopping camper. $12 for three lovely cardigans.

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