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Got A Pretty Dress!

I feel really girly and uber happy with this buy.  Lol.

Dress on a Bargain

I’m actually berating myself coz I only bought one of these during our recent Siem Reap. I found this little beauty (the paisley pattern caught my eye and I just adore paisley patterns!) at the Night Market and I bargained like crazy and went away with this dress for only $3. I think they sell cheaper stuff in the night market. Since I wasn’t really planning to do any shopping, I settled for only one dress thinking I could just buy this from the markets here in Phnom Penh.

Arrgh!!! Too bad, I checked the markets here and they sell it for $8, if I bargain hard enough they relent to $6. I really really should have bought more of this. But we are planning another Siem Reap trip sometime soon and I’m definitely buying some more of this.

And oh, not only is it pretty, its super comfy and has a very slimming effect on me. Just what I need hahaha.

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