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Going Reusable Nappies

Things are a bit different now. Ha! Now that were expecting our second child things are changing. For one, my shopping habits aren’t as focused on me stuff. So I’m not begrudging the fact that now I have to buy stuff mostly for the soon to arrive baby. After all, I had almost 10 years to buy a lot for myself. So for now, fancy jewelry or bags are out of the shopping list.

Good thing is that, since this is my second child, I know now what to avoid = impulse shopping. I still have a few months to go, but now I have already been listing things I need to purchase. From experience, I know which things not to buy, and how many of the essentials I need to have. I will also be buying a lot of stuff online, since a lot of baby shops here in Phnom Penh price their wares highly. So most, lightweight items I’ll be buying for wholesale online shops.

One decision I made is to use reusable diapers.  There are several kinds but I like this pocket style. Easy to use and maintain.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Blackbird, Size One (6-18 lbs)Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap Reusable Nappies

Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo Insert, White, Size One (6-18 lbs)

and of course, not to forget – the inserts!

Yes, washable diapers. I know its going to be tedious – hello! massive laundry! So why do I choose this? Several reasons. One – its environment friendly. Two – chemical free. It won’t leave rashes and irritate my baby’s skin. Three – its cost effective. Four – they are comfortable! Besides, as you can see from the pic above, washable nappies are no longer the type where you have to bend over backwards to just fasten it to your wriggling baby. Nowadays, washable nappies come in lovely designs that is just so easy to fasten and adjust. Not to mention, they are fast drying too!

Of course, I will still be using disposables but more for night. The rest of the time, I would prefer to use reusable diapers. I did this with my first baby and I don’t regret it. If you’re also looking for a cheaper alternative from China or want to buy in lots, check out Sunbaby Diapers or AlvaBaby that’s where I bought some of reusable nappies.

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