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Gmarket Shopping Tutorial Part 1: Overview

I’ve promised a couple of friends and relatives a tutorial on how to use Gmarket Korea (Gmarket Global) and I know I had been procrastinating doing the tutorials for awhile already. But this time, I wanna get down and get serious. Lol. Gmarket, though is so complex that I decided to break down the tutorial into different parts just so we can be thorough.

And here’s Part 1. We’ll be covering the (1) overview and some general faq’s (2) home page navigation guide.

  • What is Gmarket?
Gmarket is an online shopping marketplace in Korea. It’s owned by Ebay and it actually works very similar to Ebay. Gmarket is not the direct seller, its simply a marketplace where various sellers have set up mini-shops and use the platform to sell. It has a huge variety of goods on sale, split into these categories: Apparel & Accessories, Beauty & Sports, Electronics, Baby & Food and Home & Books. These main categories are further split into different sub-categories so you can imagine the sheer volume of goodies you can dig into on this marketplace.
Gmarket offers combined and international shipping via EMS. They offer consolidation of domestic packages and combine them into a single package for international shipping. This way you can order various items from different sellers and Gmarket will consolidate you items into a single package.
  • Which Gmarket site are you using? 
I’m using Gmarket Korea, also known as Gmarket Global. The URL linked to above is the English version of the Korean Gmarket. The popularity of this shopping site has spawned a lot of local Gmarket sites like Gmarket Singapore etc.
  • Is it free to register? Is there a membership fee?

Registration is FREE. Gmarket does not charge any membership fee.  You may register using this link: Gmarket Registration.

  • Is the site in English?

Gmarket in itself is in English (navigation, customer service page etc), however majority of the sellers have their product pages in Korean. A lot of them list their items name, descriptions in Korean. This can be a huge turn off for some but hey! no pain no gain, right? And we shopping addicts would definitely go to some length to get the goodies.

It might require some learning curve and a big help from web translators like Google Translate but once you get the hang of using these translators plus a serving of patience, you’ll be fine.

  • What are the payment forms accepted?

At the time of writing, Gmarket accepts all major credit cards including VISA, Master and JBC, PayPal Express Checkout, Bank transfer (if you had Korean bank account)and so on. However, to use VISA or Master cards, you need to install credit card security payment system. (Downloads security payment system from credit card company’s homepage or issued bank’s homepage)

  • What countries do they ship to? What are the fees?

Please refer to this worldwide shipping page: Gmarket Shipping Fees and Available Countries.

  • How does the ordering process go?

The process is actually fast and easy.

  1. Do the shopping: choose your items, place your orders and pay for it.
  2. Each individual seller would then prepare and deliver your order to Gmarket warehouse.
  3. Gmarket will consolidate your items into one package.
  4. Package will be sent for international shipping.
  • Do I have to pay for domestic shipping?

It depends on the seller. Based on my experience, sellers of small items charge a minimal fee of 2500 Won or below for shipping. Some items worth 10,000 Won up are usually delivered free domestically. In any case, the seller would indicate on the product page if they charge a domestic shipping fee.

  • Is tracking available for packages?

For domestic shipping (sellers > Gmarket warehouse), it depends on the seller’s choice of courier.

For international shipping (Gmarket warehouse > you), yes, EMS has package tracking available.

  • Do I need to pay customs fees?

The general rule is that for majority of countries (if not all) when you ship goods you have to pay taxes. The amount really varies depending on your country’s tariff and the declared value. Gmarket packages are usually declared with low prices so the usual taxes are low or sometimes none at all. But keep in mind this will vary depending on your country’s rules and what you have purchased.

Finally, here’s the Gmarket homepage and a simple guide on navigating it. [click on the image for a full view]

Gmarket Home Page Navigation Guide

  1. Your GMarket Registration | Sign-In area.
  2. MyGmarket link. You may access your G-account here. Including wishlists, events/coupons and some perks.
  3. Product Categories. When you hover your mouse on the bar, it will also show a drop down of sub-categories for easy searching. You may also use the search bar above this.
  4. Best-seller panel. What’s the hottest. Lists also bestsellers per country, best minishops as well as best SOHO shops.
  5. Online customer chat.
  6. Top Bloggers. Read on blogs of Gmarket shoppers. Great place to check out buyer experiences.
  7. Bestsellers per category.
  8. News and Events. Some important announcements here.
  9. Gmarket SOHO shops. Premium shops usually for Apparel and Accessories.
  10. Customer service link. Access to FAQ’s and shopping help.

This will be a series of posts so watch out for the next one. 🙂

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