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Gmarket Shopping Hiatus

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still madly in love with Korean products and Gmarket remains one of my top 3 online shopping playgrounds. The sheer volume of goodies there is more than enough to make it one of my favorites and its still one of the first places I look at when I’m searching for stuff. And also its still the best place to buy Korean cosmetics.

So why am I on a Gmarket shopping hiatus? For several reasons, (1) there has been quite a few changes to the site that I’m not particularly happy with like the ‘hiatus’ of bloggers shopping rewards. To be honest, this was one of the biggest draws about shopping there. And I also miss reading other bloggers’ shopping experience and recommendations. It was one of the best ways to find products recommendations.

(2) Shipping got quite expensive. So I figured I’ll just shop there when I’m buying more than $150 worth of items to make the shipping cost worthwhile

(3) I found a new shopping playground – Aliexpress. Where I find a lot of items cheaper and a lot of sellers offer free (albeit slow) shipping. The only advantage Gmarket has is their consolidated shipping.

Anyway, I do hope I could get back to my Gmarket sprees soon. I fancy buying a couple of bags, hair accessories and shoes soon.

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