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Gmarket Shopping Haul # 2

It’s safe to say I’m officially a Gmarket addict. Lol. I got my 1st Gmarket order on September 30th and 7 days after that I placed an order again. This time it was a collective haul with my friends DonyaBooding and Sam. I guess I’ve been raving too much about Gmarket that they decided to check it out. Here’s our order time line:

  • Total Number of Items: 14 items
  • Orders Placed: October 7, 2011
  • Domestic Delivery Completed: October 12, 2011 *
  • Shipped Out of Korea: October 13, 2011
  • Packaged Received (Cambodia): October 17, 2003**
* all items were at the GM Warehouse before Oct 11. It was only my order of facial mask that was delayed and delivered on the 12th
** EMS usually takes a day or two to arrive here in Phnom Penh so I was a bit stumped that they were late. We had to wait the whole weekend, but I let that go since GM has been really nice as to contact EMS when the tracking was not working.
Now as for our haul. You’ll only be seeing the stuff I bought. Lol.. I ordered hair accessories for my daughter, 2 bags,a shoe, a cardigan, leggings/stockings, VOV facial masks.
Gmarket Shopping Haul #2
The box: As usual it was big and I wasn’t even surprised anymore. But it was so light Sreisaat managed to carry it one hand from the PO. Lol. At least she’s getting a more toned muscle.
Gmarket Shopping Haul #2
The goodies! Detailed review below..
Gmarket Shopping Haul #2
Handbag (Khaki and Camel Brown) – K2299 – 7900 W ($6.86) – Seller Link

The bags were true to the ones in the photo on seller page. PVC leather was surprisingly soft, not stiff like other cheapo bags in the same price range. This item is Made in China but its well-made. The inside material is flimsy and I find the straps a little thin. Other than that, this is a great casual bag, and at that price, I would consider this a steal. Will definitely buy from this seller again. 4.5/5

Gmarket Shopping Haul #2

Super Pretty Hair Accessories (900 – 1600 Won)  – Seller Link

At first, I was hesitant to purchase these headbands. I read some blogs saying that these items take time to ship out domestically, but my daughter really wanted them so I took the plunge. These are really adorable! I even want one for myself. And the quality is top notch, all items were very well made. Shipping was also fast and the seller generously gave me a navy ribbon clip and hair elastic bands as freebies. 5/5

Gmarket Shopping Haul #2

Gray Leggings – 091 – 7900 Won –  Seller Link

I’ve been wanting leggings that weren’t too thick, sheer enough but firm too. And I found this one. Option 091, I picked gray. At a glance it looked like your ordinary stockings but its a lot thicker than stockings. Its super stretcheable but firm and when worn it doesn’t look sagging. I love this one.  Recommended seller. 4.5/5

Gmarket Shopping Haul #2

Ivory Cardigan – Seller Link

This was just average. I find the material too thin and sheer. I like the style and the sewing is really good. I think I’ll just give this one out as Christmas present to my cousin. 3/5


Gmarket Shopping Haul #2

10 VOV Masks – Charcoal, Egg, Mixed Cereals, Volcanic Ash and Honey Milk – 7000 W ($6) – Seller Link

I’ve been wanting to try VOV masks, they have some interesting ‘flavors’ and very cute packaging. I didn’t wanna buy a lot without trying it out first so I picked this set. The seller generously gave a box of facial cotton. I wasn’t very happy with the slow domestic shipping though. This was what delayed my package for additional 2 days. 4/5


Gmarket Shopping Haul #2

Gladiator Sandals – A773 – 9900 Won ($8.60) – Seller Link

On this order, this is what frustrated me. I wear a US size 7 and using the GMarket size chart, I’m a Korean size 240 so I ordered this in size 240. Since this isn’t my first time to order shoes, I figured this would fit. But it did not. Too loose. I guess I should have gotten size 235. So then this pretty pretty shoe would be looking for new owner. If you’re a US size 7.5-8, I think this will fit. And I’m frustrated coz the shoe is real pretty and for that price, the quality is very good plus I tried walking on it, very very comfy. Sigh. I will definitely be buying this on my next haul. 4/5

All in all, this was another great Gmarket shopping experience. Till my next haul :))

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  1. hi gene, yes a shopoholic haven though a headache when it comes to navigation. its all worth it though. very good service and the prices are just too low to be resisted.

  2. If you go in on another box, please let me know. I’d be interested – especially if they have kitchen and home goods! Thanks.

  3. All the product are great,i’ll love to share this to my friends. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.Keep it up posting.

  4. Manay, I recently read in one of the featured blogs at Gmarket that one should get a size smaller than yours when ordering shoes. Let’s try it next time. I already have bookmarked items I want to purchase. Di naman ako excited, noh?

  5. manay, i think for gladiator sandals you really need to go one size smaller but for slip ons, sandals and sneakers the usual size would be ok. yung rubber shoes ko kc was a really good fit.

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