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Gmarket Shopping Haul #1

Oh yes, I’m definitely putting numbers on my Gmarket Haul posts. Coz I’m so pleased that I’m sure I’ll be shopping in this site again and again. I think its safe to say I’ll be getting addicted to shopping on Gmarket. It may require a bit of patience and getting used to but its all worth it. There are lots of goodies in there just waiting for shopoholics  and bargain shoppers like me heh. And I’m pretty much excited I discovered this shop right in time for Christmas shopping! My there are loads of cutie stuff I could grab for kids and my friends, and of course hubby and myself. When I mean ‘loads’ I really mean ‘loads’ of stuff. That’s how extensive their product selection is.

What got me bubbling with delight is that I got my first Gmarket haul today!!! Actually, the whole package arrived here in Cambodia last week, just a day after it was shipped from Korea. But alas, it was time for the Pchum Ben holidays so my Gmarket package was stuck in EMS. But yesterday, I got a call to pick up the box and I went today! I wasn’t charged any customs/duties fee, I was charged a storage fee though but it was only $2+.

Be forewarned: This is a photo heavy post :)) I can’t help myself..

This is how the package looks like. A bit battered but whole. And I was surprised coz the box was big, but it was lightweight, just about 1.70 kg.

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

Gmarket Shopping Haul -1

Hmm, the boxes were bulky but I guess that can’t be helped since these are from different sellers. The good thing about it is that products are really well packed and the boxes provides an added padding.

Item#1: Skin79 Miniature BB Creams + 1 BB Cream- Option Price 1000W – {Seller Link}

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

In a box, swathed with bubble wrap + L’Oreal samples for Free

Item #2: Skin Care Samples: Sulwhasoo Lifting Eye Serum (10); Hera Aquabolic Waterfall Serum (20); O Hui age recovery cell lab eye cream (30) – {Seller Link}

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

Nicely packaged with lots of freebies – Primera and Hera samples

Yes, yes. I know I’m obsessed with eye creams. I have ten kg worth of eye bags and I resemble a raccoon so I just have to try out these eye creams,ok?

Item #3: Summer Mono Dress in Gold – {Seller Link}

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

{sellers item photo above}

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

I am absolutely in LOVE with this dress. Its unexpectedly made of good quality and thick fabric. Not your flimsy wholesale variety dress. The fit is also great. I think I’m buying a few more of these in other colors. Hands down my favorite item in this haul.

Item #4: Sneakers – {Seller Link}

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1

This was a gamble, but it did pay off. Nice enough. Not top quality but definitely a lot  better than those imitation China rubber shoes. This item was Made in China but I guess its for Korean market hence the little better quality? It’s surprisingly comfortable too. I wear a size 7 and I ordered this in size 240. The fit is just right.

All my goodies:

Gmarket Shopping Haul 1


  • Item Costs: ₩52,370 ($ 50.33)
  • Shipping:  ₩16,170 ($13.63)
  • Total: ₩68,540 ($63.96)

What I didn’t Like?

  • Website Navigation. Browsing and using Gmarket Global, you need lots of patience coz it does require some learning curve. A translation tool and a knack for comparing characters would do you wonders.
  • Most sellers list their goods in Korean which makes picking out goods a real pain. And only a minority of them use product codes, which could actually be of big help to global shoppers.
What I liked?
  • Shipping: Fast and Competitively Priced. I paid about 16,170 Korean won {about $13.60} for the whole thing. Not a bad deal at all since its super fast.
  • Customer Service: Very responsive and accommodating. I made a mistake when I ordered my shoes. But they emailed me and told me they will wait for two more days in case I want to change my order and they will hold shipping my other items. Response time was also fast, I mailed them an inquiry and they responded within 24 hrs.
  • Item Quality: Good. I wasn’t disappointed with any of my orders. In fact, everything exceeded my expectations.
  • Prices: Affordable and lots of good deals to grab.
  • Recommended: YES!

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  1. hi gayathri, i just bought skin care samples from Gmarket. they ship to some international destinations. check them out. they have really good deals on skin care samplers specially from Korean brands.

    i bought Sulwhasoo, Hera and O Hui samples coz I want to test them first before committing to full sized products coz they are so expensive. =)

    the url is I will be posting some Gmarket tutorials soon

  2. Nice haul, sis!
    As I have told you, I found several items there that I like but mostly bags. LOL!
    Would love to order kaso ang hirap. Pwedeng pa join ng order if you place an order next time? =)

  3. @SamFinds, sure sis. ang hirap ngang magorder hihi but they have really good stuff. and i actually compiling a list na of things i want next and yay! karamihan bags din hahaha.. if we all order together shipping will be much much cheaper. i think they charge around $10+ for the first item and a few cents for the next kgs..

  4. OMG, I may have to check this website out. I’ve only just started to get things shipped from the US to Phnom Penh. It’s a gamble, especially if I don’t use DHL or UPS. Beauty products are so difficult to come by. I usually wait until I am in Bangkok International Airport to stock up.

  5. @jocy, GMarket is really a shopoholic’s haven. Lol. And if you wanna venture into Asian cosmetics this is one place to shop. The other places I’ve tried and shipped to Phnom Penh are Strawberrynet and Cosme-de for Western and Asian cosmetics. Both are great places to shop and ships out of Hong Kong.

    But Gmarket is really great coz they have a crazy array of cosmetics (Korean, Japanese and Western brands) and if you’re wary about buying full sizes, they are the place to shop for samples and starter kits. Navigating the site is a pain though but its all worth it and can actually be very very addicting.

    I’ve been shopping online a lot and I still prefer DHL, FedEx or UPS. But I’ve shipped with EMS a few times lately and they are good. The customs charge is like a roulette game though but not too steep anyway. I haven’t been charged more than 11000 Riels for packages worth less than $120.

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