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Gmarket Haul #4: Just A Mini Hoard

I had some cash balance sitting on my Gmarket account, mostly from excess shipping paid, gift certificates from their tweet/facebook promotions plus I also won 50,000 W  for blogging about my previous haul. What to do but spend it on myself for some new year treat, right? I decided to do just a mini haul mainly because I knew its the holidays and the Chinese New Year holidays is upcoming so it  will make everyone busy and I was fretting about delayed packages. Lol. I know I’m too obsessive.

We just picked out some essentials, BB creams we could not live without hahaha, a Suanna wallet on sale..And my daughter was insisting on a cute little pair of shoes she saw while I was browsing GM. Without further ado, here are my recent Gmarket shopping trophies.

And oh, shipping was without any delay and it was quick and prompt as usual.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #4

Cambodian customs opened my package, even the smaller boxes so this is how it looked like when I got it. They didn’t tax me though as hubby told them it was just my personal beauty stuff. Lol. They just grinned and let us go. Although they did mistake the beads on the Suanna wallet as medicines. Hahaha that’s why they insisted on opening it.

Gmarket Haul #4: Suanna Wallet W-011 Chocolate

Premium leather brand Suanna. I am in need of a wallet and I’ve been wanting this one. And it was on sale!  Really well made and it does feature a lot (seriously a  lot!) of compartments. You can stuff  a lot of bills on this one. The beads are kinda too bold for my taste but then again, I’ve been wanting some bold splashes to my wardrobe lately. Even the box is great. Recommended. (Seller Link)

Gmarket Haul 4: BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream

An essential to my beauty kit – BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream 29,000W. Hands down my favorite BB Cream from among those I’ve tried. Matte finish, easily absorbed, and leaves the skin moist and not dull. Seller gives tons of freebies. All the packets to the right are freebies and I’m extra grateful coz they sent samples of other BRTC BB cream variants which I’ve been itching to try and review. (Seller Link)

Gmarket Haul 4: Skin79 BB Cream Hot Pink

Skin79 BB Cream (hot pink) 7,900W – for my sister. This is what works for her. I was actually looking for the big 35/40g bottle but it was out of stock. So we settled for this. Not bad and the packaging is small enough to bring around when she travels. Also came with that free mask sheet.  (Seller Link)

Navy Blue Kids Shoes

Navy Blue Wedge Shoes for Kids. Was just trying this out if its true to size. And it is. I ordered a larger size than what my daughter uses coz I read in some blogs Korean sizing tends to be smaller but 225 is really 225. She can’t wear this yet, but at least I know she’ll grow into it. Fab shoes for a very affordable price of 13800W. Well made and shipping was fast too. (Seller Link)

All in all this was a very satisfactory Gmarket shopping haul. No delays and the items exceeded my expectations. More hauls soon…err after I earned the shopping money first. Hahaha..

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