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Gmarket Haul #3

Finally. my long awaited Gmarket haul that I’ve resorted to writing a preview about-here. This was actually just a small collective haul made up of mostly girly stuff, no cosmetics this time coz I’m preparing to do a major cosmetics and skin care haul soon. But this was a really anticipated shopping haul since I was sharing it with my sister and another Gmarket fan, DonyaBooding. See, I’ve been making a lot of converts with my GM addiction. Lol. And the way I was anticipating this order, you’d think I ordered some titanium jewelry in there, but nah, I just bought some things that girls like me just can’t live without.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3

This was one of our fastest transactions on GM. I placed the order Nov. 28, 2011. All items were shipped out to me on December 2, 2011 and we got the box today December 5th. DonyaBooding said the actual shipping is much faster than the process of us picking out items we wanna buy. So true.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

Here’s our box. And a big hooray to GM for packing all items in not too huge box this time. And we were tickled pink that the sender was ‘David Ferrer’. Lol. Were huge tennis fans – Spanish Armada all the way! Our second haul was from Rafael Nadal.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

And items all piled up together..

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

I’ll only be posting photos of stuff I bought, DonyaBooding’s stuff I didn’t open, I sure want her to experience that crazy giddy thrill one gets when opening a GM packet.

Cuff Links And Pin Set  {Seller Link} – great item for the price. Not cheap looking at all and the box it came with was just gorgeous. Seller gave some coupons as freebies, but I dunno what to do with that. But the thought is much appreciated.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

Cardigans {Seller Link} – unexpectedly good quality. I have a beef with this seller though. Shipping took forever, and I ordered red but was given chocolate brown. And I did triple checked my selection. Oh well, since the quality is good and the price even better ($1.5 only!), I won’t gripe much.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

Bags, Bags! {Bag Percent} – definitely one of my fave Gmarket sellers. Affordable casual bags. Fast shipping too. I expected this to be cheap looking, but they sooo are not. And the material is not too stiff too. Recommended seller.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

Fun Watches {Seller Link} – I’ve always been tempted to have some of those fun watches I see in GM. This was just less than $7 and its fab, fab, fab! Not cheap looking at all. Will be buying more for sure.

Gmarket Shopping Haul #3 - EMS Box

Now I feel like its Christmas. Till my next haul!

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  1. Eeeeek! LOL.
    Oh, where do I begin? Everything looks great – the bags, the hair accessories, the cardigans, the watches, the cuffs… most of all, the sender’s name! LOL. I should probably dedicated my Gmarket review to David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal 😛

    I can’t wait to get hold of my share! For sure the cardigans will be used right away, owing to the cool weather we are now enjoying in PP! Great timing, huh? Thank you for letting me piggy-back again on your Gmarket haul 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your Top Blogger Win! Anyways, wow! The watches look so cool.. I think I may check it out, the seller.

  3. @Anon, the strap length of the bags? the gray/black quilt bag has about 21 inch strap. Just right for shoulder. It’s tote bag style. As for the black one, its 19 inch a bit shorter than the gray one. I find it more comfortable carrying it on my forearms.

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