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GM Haul Preview

Yay! I’m actually so giddy about this. So I decided to do a preview. You might have guessed from my previous posts that I am well on my way to being addicted to Gmarket shopping. And this addiction is one that I’m quite happy about. In fact, since I discovered shopping online on Gmarket I rarely ventured out to shop for clothes anymore. Instead, I save money so I could deliberate and make conscious buying choices. What makes me happy is that I can actually think a hundred times about purchasing an item before I actually do it. The prices, item quality and the service is all worth it too.

Gmarket has such a wide range of product offerings that it actually takes me days to pick out what I want to buy. The shipping fee can be quite a killer though. But the trick is to buy more than a few kgs. I discovered that if I purchase 9-10 kgs below, shipping can be quite expensive vs. the prices of the items but if you purchase more than that, its becomes more value for money as the 10kg up has a lot lower shipping fee and considering that EMS is fast, its totally worth it. Also, we’ve taken to doing collective hauls with friends and relatives so we share the cost of the shipping.

But what I love best about Gmarket shopping is the items – top notch quality (90% of the time hehe) and almost wholesale prices. Sure, I could buy a bag locally at almost the same prices as the ones I purchase on Gmarket but I discovered a discrepancy in quality. Gmarket stuff usually lasts longer on me. So that explains why I’m now starting to buy my stuff from this online marketplace.

Anyway, I’m on to my next Gmarket haul, and I’m just waiting (with a bated breath…) for them to be shipped out. Hopefully within the week. This is a collective haul with Donya Booding and my sister. I actually didn’t have plans to shop until December but my sister was so insistent ever since she saw some bags on sale at GM. Here’s a preview of my stuff.

Gmarket Haul #3 Preview

Got two bags (again?!), the black one for me and the other for my sis, some cardigans (these were sooooo cheap, I hope they turn out all right), clips again for the kiddo (she’s mad about GM hair accessories!), cuff links and pin set, and two watches. Not much right? In fact these are all below the $50 mark. Lol. The thrifty streak is still at work here. No matter how addicted I am.

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