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Give a Gift to Self…

I always do. One should not forget oneself. Give yourself little rewards. For me, its a great motivator and like a little pat on the back for work well done. Last December I gifted myself with a few dresses and a purple bag. Now it’s almost my birthday again and I’ve been mulling over what to give myself. A spa treatment? A trip? A perfume? Definitely not a tattoo removal cream, lol! I don’t have a tattoo.

While I was moping over that I saw a Facebook advert about an online shopping selling items direct from China and Korean style apparel and accessories. Clicked the link and liked what I saw. I’m not really big on branded items as long as something is well made and pretty then I’ll make a go for it.

I like this …Cute right?

Simple Style Snow patterns Shoulder Bag Grey – $26.93; And it comes with a shoulder strap so it could double as a messenger bag. Just my kind of bag.

To buy or not to buy? The site seems to be reliable and shipping is also cheap. Hmmm, will mull it over.

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