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Give a Gift Card!

There are times that no matter how much I rack my brains out for a gift idea for someone, I just come up with nothing. But instead of giving myself a hard time over it, I prefer to do something much better.

Get that person to choose the gift they want! How? Give them a gift card!! I just LOVE Christmas Gift Cards.  I love giving them specially for those people who are not with us at the moment. Relatives and friends living abroad, they also make great gifts for employees and colleagues.

Amazon Gift Card - Print - Merry Christmas - Christmas Birds

Like Amazon gift cards, giving them can be pretty easy. And sending them is much easier.

And I’m sure this would be much appreciated. Even me, I get totally giddy whenever I get a gift card. And just this week someone really generous gave me an Amazon gift card and I’m going to use it to buy some stuff off my wishlist.

Amazon.com $50 Gift Card with Gift Box (Holiday design)

So go right ahead, buy a gift card for you colleagues, friends and loved ones. It’ll save you the hassle of lining up in stores, gift wrapping. And you also give your loved ones a chance to pick the gift they would truly love.

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