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Girls Dresses from Siem Reap Night Market

I’m a little bit more thrifty and conservative when buying clothes for my daughter. Why? She is just 8 years old, and growing so fast so she keeps outgrowing clothes. I usually buy her clothes that are stretchable like leggings and maman-dresses. And I also refrain from buying very expensive stuff since I know she’ll only be using it for awhile.

Finding cheap clothes for kids is hard, and oftentimes I discover I find good bargains in small shops. Just like these two latest dresses I found for her.

Girls Pink Cambodian design dress
Love the prints on this dress!


Girls Pretty Summer Dress
Gorgeous Dark Pink Color. And the design is versatile. Can also be worn as skirt (when she’s tall enough)

I bought this two during a trip to Siem Reap and I found this at the night market. And not on the main stalls but on the sidestreets. These pretty little things just cost me $4 each. And the good thing is that its pretty, comfy and the kiddo loves it. She says its pretty and looks fashionable. Lol.

Best of all, these two didn’t cost me more than $10! If I went looking for a dress for her in a mall, I would probably end up with nothing with just $10. So this is a really happy buy for me.

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