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Gift Ideas: Yummy Accessories!

You know how much I heart cute and unique stuff? I can’t help it, but I always drool over stuff like these! Lol. I’ve been hanging around Modcloth looking for some gift ideas when I came across their gift category called Foodie Marvels. Interesting right?

And what do I find but these cutie goodness? Yummy fashion accessories! Just the perfect gift for teens and the young at heart. 🙂

Modcloth Gift Ideas: Unique Earrings

Three’s Yum-pany Earring Set




Spoon-er or Later Earrings



Modcloth Gift Ideas: Unique Yummy Earrings

You’re Toast! Earrings 


Modcloth Gift Ideas: Yummy Necklace

Dessert Oasis Necklace


Modcloth Gift Ideas: Unique Yummy Ring

Cupcake Runneth Over Ring


Modcloth Gift Ideas: Yummy Rings

Portable Patisserie Ring


Adorable right? And all of the are within the budget conscious price range so they would make a really groovy gift to our loved ones..:))



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