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Found myself another past time. Games on Facebook! Not those game apps like Farmville etc, but its more like joining game parties thrown by companies. In my case, I’m addicted to games from LightintheBox Facebook Page. Lol. Lightinthebox is a China based online shopping site selling non-brand name alternative electronics. I’ve been buying from that site for awhile now and most of the items are cheap and functional. The last time I bought a smart phone and an MP3 player from them and till now its working. Hahaha it was some sort of a challenge between me and hubby, you know just to see if both will last for a month.

Surprisingly, both are doing well in spite of the heavy use. Hahaha for both of us. I think the phone is trying to tell us, ‘in your face’ non-believers! But I’m happy coz for its price, its really good value. Anyways, back to the gaming, if you like Lightinthe Box facebook fan page, you’d be eligible to participate in their various games. Yes, and its quite easy.

My favorite game would be their DEAL or NO DEAL. The mechanics are pretty simple. Like last time we were playing for an Android Tablet – an Ouku Night valued at about $230 and after several rounds of the game the price came down to $66!!! and if you’re one of the first 120 people to comment DEAL on that price. Then you get a coupon code, so you get to buy an Android Tablet for just $66. Cool, right! I mean it might not be best tablet around {I’m itching to have a Samsung or a Motorola Xoom}, but its the next best thing. And its running on Android and with a price to beat. Sigh. Alas I missed the deal, I was the 135th person to comment deal so I was too late.

But for sure I’ll be joining again. Who know what I might win? Get to know more of LightintheBox games.

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