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Fun Candle Gift Idea

This is a really fun gift idea. Well, if you’re not that queasy that is. Check out this Poo Candle with Chocolate Scent available at Etsy.

Poo Candle

I remember when I was younger, my sister and I bought a paper weight made of paper mache and shaped like poo. It looked so much like poo that we just couldn’t help laughing ourselves silly at what we could do with it. We eventually decided to prank my very ‘neat and clean’ younger brother and placed the ‘poo’ in the middle of his bed with its pristine white covers.

LOL! Can you imagine the laugh mileage we got out of that. He was just so mad at us! Anyway, it took my mom to calm him down but he did get his revenge (sort of) when that Christmas he bought us a pair of loofahs as our Christmas gift.

I think I’ll forward this to him, you know just to remind him hahahaha.

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