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Designing for me all started just out of curiosity. Since I was in college, I had been fascinated with designing using computer and software, but I also stopped myself from trying it because I thought you’d need to study designing in school to be good at it.

BUT that belief was shattered when I started blogging and needed a few graphics for the sites I was making. I decided to learn using Photoshop and Illustrator by reading ‘guide books’ with not much success at all. Halfway through those books, I gave up and decided I’ll just wing it. So I opened the computer programs and commenced playing. And what do you know, the more you play, experiment, the more you learn. Now I simply turn to the books and tutorials when I find some things that are challenging.

Some friends suggested I turn this into a business but I was hesitant coz I fear I’m not that good yet. But when will I ever be good enough? So I decided to take the plunge, after all I’ve been taking on some graphic design work for friends for a few years now.

Anyhow, I’m forming my own design studio, its going to be called Azure Studio. Azure because I like the color, and the word sounds like an assurance of a competent job and Studio because I also fancy the word. It’s still a baby, I don’t even a website yet, or a portfolio. But I intend to publish more freebies there like banners, logo designs, templates for flyers and more.

Azure Studio

Right now, I’m dipping my toes on freelance design work and I’m trying out and I’m enjoying the challenge of bidding and joining contests there.  The latest contest I joined was a whimsical logo for a yogurt company and here’s my entry. It was rejected  (hahaha!) but I quite enjoyed the process of making it.

Frozen Yogurt Logo

Anyway, if you know anyone looking for a graphic artist, please send them my way. I can be reached using the contact form in this site. <3

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