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Freebie: 6 Elegant Swirls Business Card Templates

I’ve been on the roll lately. With the freebies, I mean. I guess I’ve been spending a lot of time on some projects and some graphic designing work. And when I’m doing that I usually always end up making some extra stuff. So since I’ll be posting a lot of freebies lately but at least now my freebies just ask for a tweet or a facebook like for payment. Hahaha!

Today’s freebie: a set of Elegant Swirls Business Card Templates. I figured a lot of templates available for business card are too formal or masculine and I wanted something a bit more feminine, but not overly so.

All of these are made with Photoshop CS4 and the PSD file format can be edited.

Freebie: 6 Elegant Swirls Business Card Templates

~ Download ~

Credits: I used the wonderful floral and swirls shapes collection from DeZignus.

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