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Free Design Resource: PhotoCopa & Copaso

One of the things that inspire me when I do something is color palette! Yes, a lovely color combo can just trigger lots of creative ideas. And when creating something its also a must for me to have a color palette pre-chosen otherwise I tend to be scatterbrained and the result is chaotic. I’m the sort who starts blabbing about ice creams and end up discussing about technology so color palettes really help me stay on the theme and on track.

There are several readily available and free resource to pick out your color combos and today, I’m featuring two cool tools for color palette generation.

It’s from the awesome ColourLovers.¬† One is called PhotoCopa, which allows you to easily generate color combinations from a favorite photo.



The other one is Copaso where you can pick out and have a blast with your color combos.

¬†Whats even awesome with these tools is that… They are FREE! Check them out.

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