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For Little Girls: Yummy Boutique Lollipop Twisted Hairbow

I’m in the mood for things cute and nice. So I’m putting off serious stuff this weekend and will just be doing fluffy stuff hehe.. So for now things like insurances, health plans, BCBSNC, money, saving will be in the background. Searching for cute stuff is some sort of stress reliever for me so I’m indulging myself today and tomorrow.

And I did find a lot of stuff to gush about. First was the Asian Themed Placemat I featured in the previous post and now here something for little girls. It’s a girl’s hairbow called the Yummy Boutique Lollipop Twisted Hairbow.

Filled with layers of adorable ribbon and an adorable lollipop center with rhinestone this bow is sure to be a favorite!

Super cute, right? It almost looks good enough to eat! And I bet little girls would adore this..

Find it at HannahBananaBoutique at Etsy.com.

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