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Floral Girl’s Dresses for $3.5


It’s been awhile. A long break from shopping as well as blogging. I simply decided to catch up with my life hahaha. I haven’t bought anything much for myself to blog about, but I did went shopping for my daughter. My ever growing daughter and I still can’t believe she’s going to be a teenager in the next few years. She’s tall for her age so I’m always hard pressed to look for something to fit her.

So we went to Russian Market here in Phnom Penh and found two dresses that looks really lovely on her. These are H & M factory overruns and got it in the market for only $3.5 each. I’m not sure how its an overrun, it looks good, no crazy stitches all well put together. Oh, I’m not complaining, its a great buy don’t you think?

Russian market buys
I got it in two colors and I was wanting another purple-pink dress but they didn’t have her size. So now I have a pretty and happy girl with her comfortable and lovely dress.

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