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My daughter is.. very fickle!

Lately she has been mighty curious about life, work and career. She is always quizzing me about this and that. What this sort of profession actually do.

Hubby and I have both agreed that we’d let her decide what she wants to be. We’ll be guiding, supporting her but never imposing on her. So for now we want her to learn different things and explore. And I also don’t like her to look down on any kind of jobs. We want to impress on her that a decent job even if its blue collar job is nothing to be ashamed of. And that there is a place for everyone and what they do is as important to society as the next job.

Of course, as a parent we want her to pursue a path where she will be successful not just financially. But I can hope and pray, in the end, she’ll be the one to carve her path. That’s why we intend to give her the best support we can.

Anyway, here’s the funny story..

She has been thinking really seriously at what are the interesting jobs she want to do when she grows up. And in a span of a week she decided on at least 5 career paths. Lol. All so diverging..

Day 1: Marine Biologist – this choice was a no-brainer. She loves loves loves animals particularly sea creatures. She has this huge compilation of documentaries about marine life that she likes watching over and over again, so I wasn’t surprised she wanted this.

 Day 2: Farmer – she has been studying Cambodian language with me and the Khmer word for farmer (kaseko) she liked. So she decided she also wants to be a farmer. And perhaps I should be ready to let her have a greenhouse. One the weekend she tried to plant seeds in our backyard, and when not one sprouted out, she thought she is not meant to be a farmer.

Day 3: Paparazzi – I have no idea how she thought of this, but she did say it might be fun. But the next day, she changed her mind coz she said, the people she’d be stalking might not like her at all.

Day 4: Paleontologist – fossils yes, she’d want to study them. I can see her doing this. She’s focused and has great attention to detail.

Day 5: Parking Attendant – and take note she doesn’t want to be a car parking attendant, rather she wants to be a motorbike parking attendant.

I just nod my head every time she comes up with a new one now. She’s obviously still young and I know she’ll settle on one when she’s older. For now, I just let her explore and I won’t be surprised if next time she wants to be a rock star and asking me to get her some acoustic guitar accessories.

Hmmm, parenting is a lot of challenge but its also a source of much a joy…


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