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Feeling the Age?

I’ve always been blissfully unaware of the age thing. Sure, I’m in my 30’s but having a child around sure keeps me on my toes. And I have always been not bothered about getting older and older. For me, its always about the moment, of enjoying it thoroughly.

Lately though, I’m feeling my age. Hahaha. Why? Because a lot of things now I have to learn from my daughter. Take for example when it comes to music, I’m such an 80’s child and most of the current music crops I don’t really dig on. But I did feel like, oops, I’m old when I had to ask my daughter just who is One Direction. Hahahaha. Yeah, I know.

While I’m so abreast with what on when it comes to technology, I’m so far behind what are the trends in music. I might be able to join a convo discussing tech┬ábut when it comes to mainstream, pop music stuff, I’m at a loss.

So I decided I should more or less be aware of these things because these are what interests my daughter. So we’ve been learning together. And now I know who is One Direction, I even know who David Guetta is. And I also know, I won’t be a huge fan of Justin Bieber. Ha!

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