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Featured Design Resource: Pattern Cooler

Creating seamless patterns can be easily done if you know your way around a graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. But this can be time consuming, and frankly though I can create patterns from scratch, I’d much rather not coz we’ve already established that I’m a lazy dweeb and also there are various resources online you can use for your pattern needs.

And here’s one of my most favorites – Pattern Cooler. And its FREE. Yes, its FREE. There are ready made patterns you can choose from and download directly or you can also use their very cool Pattern Editor to tweak the color combinations of patterns. And the patterns you can come up with is virtually unlimited.

10,000s Cool FREE Seamless Patterns - Pattern Cooler

They have thousands of base patterns you can tweak. Also one thing about this is that you can resize your patterns!! That is a huge relief for me coz sometimes patterns look good when they are small while others work best when they are supersized.

pattern cooler editor

Their terms of use are pretty flexible. You can use the patterns for personal or commercial work. But I think, really its a must to give out something to the people behind this cool tool. I have yet to use this for commercial work but for now since I get so much fun tweaking patterns there, they are deserving of this post.

Check them out if you need seamless patterns for your graphic design projects or even for your Twitter backgrounds.


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