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Fairy Hobmother is in the BAG!

I’m not your typical moony eyed fairy-tale believing girl. Yes, I’m a bit of a cynic at times.

But not all the time. It must be the season. You know, its almost Christmas and I must be first to admit that this season just brings out the believer in me. Thankfully, this is the season too that I hopped along some blogs and a lot of them are talking about a Fairy Hob Mother.

Fairy Hob Mother

My first reaction was..A WHAT? Till I got the part that this Fairy Hob Mother visits blogs and rewards them with a $50 Amazon voucher. And I thought, for real?! That $50 would go a long way towards that free standing washing machine I want to have!

All you need to do is to comment on blogs he {oh, yes! this fairy is a HE!} had visited, or stalk him. Yes, stalk him. I kinda liked the idea of being a stalker. Lol. So commence BagofThoughts momma stalking the elusive Fairy Hob Mother. I read a lot of blog posts, found his Twitter account {follow him, follow him!} and I also got hold of his email address and so I emailed him too.

I wasn’t expecting my email to be answered though, because the skeptic in me reasoned out (1) he’s not for real (2) he’s buried deep in emails and can’t respond (3) my blog doesn’t make the cut.

Oh momma of little faith. That’s me. And to prove me all wrong: He did reply! And pretty quick too. And for a cynic, I was squealing like crazy. Hahaha!  And if you’re hankering for a little shower of goodness from the Fairy Hobmother, comment on this post and who know’s? You might be the next!



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  1. Now I am convinced that the Fairy Hobmother is for real and fairty tales do come true! I wish he’d pay me a visit, too. The magic is in the believing, folks say, so I believe he’ll come spread magical fairy dust over my blog and grant me my heart’s desire. And, thank you, BagofThoughts momma, for sharing the good news 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello, BagofThoughts Lui. Sreisaat told me about the Fairy Hobmother’s visit to your blog. What a wonderful surprise, isn’t it? I, too, am hoping for a visit from the Fairy Hobmother.

  3. Helloooo there!
    Great to know that the Fairy Hobmother has visited Cambodia. Will he come back again? I hope so. Will he visit my blog,too? I really hope he will 😀 I could use the gift certificate for something I’ve wanted to have in a very long time.

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