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Two days ago, we had to rush my dad to the hospital because of an infection. We were actually expecting this to happen since that is what his oncologist has forewarned us about. Since dad is suffering from lymphoma, then he’d be gradually be more prone to infections. So from then on we were expecting constant trips to the hospital. While we have already accepted the inevitable, the reason why we still rush to the hospital is for pain management. I know already that my father is dying, and the only thing we ask is to keep the pain to the minimum.

Having a loved one hospitalized is never a trip in the park. It’s so stressing and exhausting. And in just a few months, I could almost swear I could pronounce those confounding names of medicines with fluency at par with medical representatives. Lol! I may even just be able to convince you to try

But were in this till the end. If it can give him comfort then we’ll be there. It’s the very least we could do. These are all but small sacrifices considering how much he has given us as a father.

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