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Easy Yoga Stretches

I’ve been doing some regular exercises now for the past few weeks. I realized though that I needed some more stretching routines since a lot of my muscles are taut and tight specially on the legs. I found this nice article in Yahoo Health about 10 Minute Yoga Stretches and I think it might be helpful.

Photos here are from the same article, so please refer to the link about for more instructions.

The Dancer

The Dancer Pose Yoga Stretch

The Downward-Facing Dog with Leg Lift

Downward-Facing Dog with Leg Lift Yoga Stretch

The Flipped Dog

Flipped Dog Yoga Stretch

The Lunge with Side Stretch

Lunge with Side Stretch Yoga Stretch

The Lunge with Quad Stretch

Lunge with Quad Stretch

Bow Pose

bow pose yoga stretch

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