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Easy Fashion Shopping Tips for the Budget Conscious

Shopping for clothes is fun, fun, fun. Perhaps the only thing not happy with a fashion shopping expedition is our wallet. Ha!

Anyway, I’m personally very budget conscious when it comes to buying clothing. I usually go for items that are worth buying, appeals to my fashion style and yes, I usually buy when its on sale or discounted.

The Ladies in Red

For the budget conscious, here’s some shopping tips from a fellow budget conscious shopper:

  • Factory oulets and discount stores – yup. They are worth checking out. Some carry irregular items {or items with small flaws} or items from last seasons collection. If you don’t need to wear very current items, this will be a treasure trove. 
  • Pay more for items that you know you need to be durable like outerwear. It’s always more budget friendly in the end to spend a bit more on stuff you will use more often.
  • Thrift shops!! – oh yes! fancy vintage and retro stuff? this is the place to score fabulous items at really bargain prices.
  • Have a plan before heading out to shop. Keep a list {or a mental list} of what you have decided to purchase. If its shirt, then limit yourself to just shirts.
  • Coordinate and mix and match- why buy a whole outfit when you can just shop for one piece to match a skirt or jeans already in your wardrobe. You need not have everything to be new, just be creative with what you currently have and buy add ons to spruce it up and make it interesting.

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