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Drawsting Bags for Easy Packing

We move around fairly frequently. When were not too busy, weekends are usually reserved for overnight trips, or to exploring some places here in Cambodia. We also try to go out of the country a few times each year, so yeah, were quite practiced when it comes to packing up.

Considering that we’ve been moving about like this since..well since we got married, and even more so since we had a child. So packing is really something we have to plan well. One thing I’ve done, since I need a place for all things I got drawstring bags so I can easily segregate things. One for toiletries, undies, meds.

Why I prefer drawstrings? They are compact, easy to open, and you can also bring it around as is. It’s very handy to have. If you’re like us then its best to have a few of these just in case..Items found at

12 Tie-dyed Drawstring Tote Bags


12 Tie-dyed Drawstring Tote BagsRWB Large Canvass Drawstring Backpacks – 1 dozen – great for bigger stuff. Can easily be used if you just wanna bring the essentials.


Kushies “On the Go” 2 Pack Wet Bag, Green – awesome waterproof drawstring bag.

Kushies "On the Go" 2 Pack Wet Bag, Green

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