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Discovering Hengley Market in Phnom Penh

This is one market that I’ve passed by countless times but without even much of a passing glance. It’s located along St. 271 and the side fronting the road is just full of motorbike parts and accessories so I assumed everything there has something to do with motorbikes.

It wasn’t until my Peluka sister, Pinaymum posted about having gone there and scoring lots of second hand branded clothing items. So one Sunday morning last July, hubby and I both didn’t know where to go and I suggested going to Hengley Market just to check out what we could get from there.

Thankfully, Hubby is one fan of thrift hunting too. He doesn’t complain when it takes me so long to dig through piles of items to find what I want. Lol!  In fact, I think he enjoys going often to bargain/thrift shops than going to malls.

So what did we find? A maze of wholesale shops of second hand clothes! Of course, my head was screaming – GOLD MINE! GOLD MINE! Some stalls have items fixed up and hanged on racks so this is an easy browse but most of them have them on piles or in sacks so you have to be in the mood to dig.

Here’s some photos:

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And who scored a lot of FF’s? Hubby! He got a couple of jeans, some really nice polo shirts. While I got myself lots of comfy house shirts and shorts most of which now belongs to my I-H-T list. Most items are priced like less than 4000 Riels ($1), jeans usually $1-2..

Definitely worth visiting again. But bring lots and lots of patience and also go when the weather is not too humid and hot..

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  1. wow, naalala ko tuloy nung nagpunta kami dyan nila Z at ate elms, tara sige balik tayo…baka mala-score ulit tayo ng good buys, well, i am sure we will! 🙂 yes jo, patience talaga at water, hehehe!

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