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My WEIGHING SCALE. Yes. Am I in denial? I don’t think so. I think I should get second ‘weighing scale’ opinion. My husband thinks I’m nuts but he did offer to accompany me to buy a new weighing scale.

diet and fitness
this is not ME. but she has the body I’m hoping to have SOON. Hehehe

You see I started my weight loss goal last December and I was on South Beach Diet. I lost a significant amount of weight and I’m not kidding you. I know coz I can fit now on clothes I had two years ago. But once I was on Phase II of the diet, I hit some sort of weight loss plateau. The Chinese New Year happened (I ate a lot!), then my sister’s birthday (ate too!), then we went of a beach weekend (I binged!). So now I feel like the wiggly bits are back.

The weighing scale tells me that I lost very little weight despite my efforts to exercise more the past week. And I’m getting frustrated here but not frustrated enough to go and grab some easy fat burner. Yet.So what should I do? I think I should be stricter with my diet plan and no more eating out. This is really a great temptation to not stick to the diet. Also, I need to step up on the exercises.

Still I don’t want this post to be of sourĀ  note so I’m happy to report that yesterday I was in a rebellious, good riddance you old weighing scale mood, so yanked off one of my older tank tops which didn’t fit me for a year already and put it on. And lo and behold, it FITS!! And nicely. That actually made my day.

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  1. Buti ka pa! Ako, I need to diet again. Kase I gained 2 kilos since January. Ugh!

    Thinking if makaya ko pa ulet mag phase 1. Tinatamad kase ako mag prepare ng food. Hahaha!!!

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