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Design Resource: Tartan Maker

I’m itching to go ahead and do something, I’m thinking of coming up with another scrapbooking kit. I’ve spent a few hours already searching for patterns to inspire a new kit. Lol! The crazy crafter in me is hard to please and I’ve amassed and made almost hundreds of patterns that I think I’m going to grow body acne from sitting for hours just poring over the patterns. Thankfully, there are lots of online pattern generators that make pattern and background making a little more easy.

A few days ago, I featured a lovely free design resource called Stripe Generator. Here’s another really cool design generator from the same talented team behind the Stripe Generator. This time, they have the Tartan Maker. I love plaid and tartan prints! So I was in seventh heaven when I saw this.

Using the Tartan Maker is easy as 1-2-3 and you can come up with your own tartan patterns with your color choices. Check it out and start playing!

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