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Design Resource: Subtle Patterns

I know I’ve been rather lacking in scrapbooking freebies lately. I’ve been doing a web host move for my websites and also has been focusing on designing websites. So let’s just say I’ve been rather up to my neck with things to do. So yeah, no time for me to play around. But such is the life of a freelancer.

I’ve also mentioned a few posts ago that I’ve started my own graphic and web design studio, so I’ve been preoccupied much. ¬†Anyway, while I was making mock up and PSD designs for web, I’ve been looking out for really sleek and subtle patterns. Either I make it myself or find a good resource where I could download some. I was really hoping to find a nice resource site because this will cut down a lot of work to do.

And thankfully, I found Subtle Patterns. And yeah, I fell headlong into love with their massive collection of really subtle and clean patterns that is simply perfect for web design. They are also fabulous for overlaying scrapbooking elements to achieve a subtle grunge or paper look.

Subtle Patterns - Free Subtle Patterns

Check them out. Patterns are free so have fun. This is one free design resource that I would recommend to be bookmarked.

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