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Design Resource: Stripe Generator

I’m on break from making freebies but truth is I find myself getting bored as I wait for news about my dad’s condition. Which led me to go surfing and thinking up creative crafts ideas. I’ve been wanting to try sewing and since I’m going home {Philippines} soon and my cousin, who is great at sewing will be staying with us, then I think its my chance to get tutored. Lolz.

Me thinks, I want to make pillow case covers and I also want to know how to make Big Agnes Sleeping Bags covers. Which led me to searching for fabric patterns I want to use, but I found a digital pattern generator instead. I know I can’t exactly weave my own fabric but these finds are just inspiring me.

I saw this – THE STRIPE GENERATOR, a free tool for web designer to generate your very own stripes! I love stripes, especially as backgrounds so this is going to be a very handy tool. Better bookmark it!

The stripe generator is very easy to use, very intuitive. Even my 8 year old was able to generate her very own pattern.

Big thanks to Alex ‘Pit’ La Rosa & Fabio Fidanza for this awesome tool.



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