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Design Resource: Shizoo Design

Before you check out this design resource I’m featuring, make sure your laptop batteries are fully charged or plugged in. Lol. You’ll be going gaga downloading cute stuff. Whenever I venture on this resource site, I always prepare myself for a downloading frenzy.

Trust me they have super cute stuff!

I found this site via Deviant Art and now they have their own website where your can get your fill of cute graphic goodness. I LOVE their brushes (especially those that look watercolored, text and grunge brushes). It’s also a must to check out their pattern and texture page. They are awesome, especially if you are looking for some cute background textures for a web or any graphic design projects.

In fact, this is where I get the backgrounds I use for my personal blogs.

The resource site I am raving about is Shizoo Design – your daily websource drug. You can also check out their Deviant Art page.

Shizoo Design Free Brushes Page

brushes, and more brushes!

Shizoo Design Free Textures Page

just gorgeous textures..

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