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Design Resource: Color Blendy Google Chrome App

There are just days you need to have a few colors handy, or a color scheme for  a web tweaking project and you don’t want to fire up Adobe Photoshop. I get those days, often. Photoshop can be quite heavy and slows down the machine.

Color Blendy Chrome Extension

If you’re just in need of some colors and want to blend it without opening up a bulky graphic software, then Color Blendy App for Google Chrome Browser might just save you. I find this specially useful when tweaking or coding CSS and I want different color variations. The biggest plus would be the color codes, different modes like multiply, screen, dogde, burn etc.

Color Blendy Chrome Extension

The biggest draw would be: it works offline! It’s a native app not a bookmark so you can use it even without net connection. How cool is that?

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