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I use my Android phone and tablet extensively. Plus the fact that most of my photos now are taken with phone camera, its just natural that a scrapbooking fan like moi would look for an editing app that would somehow make my photo collages pop out more and with an extra personal touch.

There are loads of camera and photo editing apps out there but today I’m zeroing in on free apps to make collages and scrapbooks in Android devices.

Snapbook – very cute, with lots of features

Snapbook Scrapbook App

Cameran Collage Pic – one of my favorites. Lots of options so you’re bound to come up with the prettiest layouts..

Cameran Collage Pic

Scrapbook Photo Collage – with lots of options, photo grids, layouts etc

Scrapbook Collage PhotoMaker

PetaPic – love this! The layouts and embellishments turn out pages that are feminine but with a bit of edge. Just the right looks teens these days love.

PetaPic Android App

DecoPic – akin to the holy grail of kawaii layouts when it comes to scrapbooking on mobile.

DecoPic Android App

Girls Pic – makes really stylish ala fashion blogger layouts.

GirlsPic Android App

ScrapPhoto – I love the stickies in here plus you’ve got to love the pretty interface.

ScrapPhoto Android App

Photo Collage Editor – mainly a layout maker but also offer lots of options to make cute pages. I specially love the backgrounds available.

Photo Collage Editor

Scapbook & Collage Maker – its selling point would be the extensive collection of page layouts. While it does not exactly have scrapbook-y feel to its collages, all it takes is a bit of creativity and i often load photos layouted on this and edit in another app.

Scrapbook & Collage Maker

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