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Cute Little Baby Boy

My last couple of posts were mostly about pregnancy and its been awhile since I have updated the site.

Mostly because…

I gave birth to gorgeous (heh! I’m entitled to say this, right?) little boy. He was born by C-section (despite my plans to have a normal delivery again) last June 23rd. But I’m so grateful nonetheless that he is healthy and thriving. He was 3.2 kg and 52 cm long and had the most adorable and pouting red lips when he came out.

Yes, he was pouting. And I could tell I have someone who would be a bit handful, but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Anyhow, the past two months had been a whirlwind. Me taking care of the little one, being away from family is really hard. So I had to take time off from everything and focus my attention on the baby. I was also dealing with a lot of baby blues and some mom friends had been encouraging me to join a moms support group. And they say, I should join now.. I did and they had been a tremendous help for my sanity.

I’ll be blogging about baby blues, the birth experience and baby’s development sometime soon. For now, I just wanna check in and give this news.

PS. No baby photos. I’ve decided that internet is not a very safe place so I would not be posting my baby’s photos anytime soon.

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