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Custom Cushion Pillow Case Templates

It’s been like eons since I last designed for Artscow and I’ve been browsing my shared templates there to check out what I’ve done last time. I think I had been fixated on cosmetic bags and cushion pillow cases. I made a lot of cosmetic cases mostly because I was ordering a few for Christmas and I also made pillow cases just coz I like them. Lol. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that my pillow case designs attracted a lot of copies. Yay! Somebody else must have liked em.

Anyway, I’ll be sharing them here. Some sort of teaser/preview. If you want some personalized pillow cases, you can order these from Artscow. Use of the  template is free, you just need to pay for the pillow (about $13.99 each) and the shipping.

Choco Florals Fun Cushion Case - Artscow Template Floral Fest Cushion Pillow Artscow Template Some Days Are Just Fun Cushion Case Artscow Template Love Pink Rose Cushion Case Let Me Hug n Kiss You - Cushion Case Retro Pastel Cushion Case - One Side

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