Crocheting Resumed

I’m finally getting back to my crocheting projects. Finally.

A few months ago, I was obsessed with crocheting, I bought lots of yarns and I even made some of my own patterns. Then things got hectic, I had a lot of travel schedules and somehow the crocheting projects were left to gather dust.

Fast forward today, I have ample time in my hands. I’m taking a break from accepting graphic and web design work because of my pregnancy and so I have a lot of time in my hands. I’m concentrating on blogging and cooking (experimenting with recipes for a future business venture) and I still have time left and often find myself surfing online shops and I just got to stop myself from going overboard with online shopping. Lol. Before I go ahead, I suddenly realized I could resume my stalled crocheting projects!

Crocheted Drawstring Bag

Here’s my first project to pick up.. A drawstring bag. Was planning to make this for my camera when I lost the case..┬áJust a couple more rounds to go and it’ll be finished. Will be posting the final outcome and pattern on my crocheting blog.

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