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Crocheting Frenzy

This is what happens when I try to clean up. Ha! I end up with lots and lots of projects and ideas.

A few weeks before the Lunar New Year, we usually do massive house cleaning, and I found a huge box of yarns I bought a few years back and just stashed it there coz I didn’t have the time nor the discipline to take on a big crocheting project. But I think it’ll be a total waste to throw it all, since I do LOVE crocheting. So I figured I MUST find time.

So in between doing yoga and mommy stuff I started a project.

Crocheting Project: Tablet Sleeve

I’m using this blue-white-grey acrylic yarn and making a 7″ tablet sleeve. I didn’t use any pattern coz I simply measured my tablet then used very simple single-double-single crochet stitches. I’m about to be finished and I’m too excited. Lol. This would definitely not be my last project. Next up, I’ll be making a sling bag for my daughter (her request) and I’ll be making a laptop sleeve for my lappy.

To be honest, I find this fun as well as therapeutic. I get to relax and its also good to be away from the idiot box once in awhile. And the sense of accomplishment one gets from finishing a crochet project is pure awesomeness.

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